Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Hello All,
This is just a message to say to everyone who knows me, that my email account was hacked yesterday, so if you recieve ANY emails from me that look suspicious, then please ignore them and delete them straight away. I'm sorry and apologise to everyone on my email list as this was my fault for having a low security password which has now been tightened. Be warned if it happened to me it can happen to you!.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sorry !

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't been on blogger for a while, only some things have been happening and its all a bit complicated. Lucy has lost her job so is now looking for a new one.

Nothing has changed with me I'm still in a wheelchair, still being looked after by Lucy and I'm still a PS3 addict, even more so now since I have found that there is a virtual world on it called PlayStation @ home. In this world I can walk, chat with people,I have a Labrador puppy, ginger cat, and an Alsatian dog oh not forgetting the two fish tanks .I Can go shopping and get clothes for my character,
Oh well that's all from me at the moment I just thought I would let you know I'm still around.


Monday, 21 January 2013

A Snowy Day

Lucy decided not to chance going to work on Friday, so it was wrap up warm and take a trip into Taunton for the morning. I felt sorry for Lucy as I don't think she realised how hard it was to push a wheelchair in the snow and as for me I was enjoying the ride. Fist stop was vivery park a real favourite of ours I took some photo's of Lucy so that she had some for her website.

Looking slightly bemused as Lucy kept putting snow on the hood of my coat.
The River
We then went into town and had a hot drink, then we had a walk back home via the river, where we took some photo's. By now I was getting cold and the snow was coming down quite thickly, so it was decided to go home.

Chat soon
Take care

Thursday, 17 January 2013

How Things Have Changed!!!!!

Hi everyone, I hope that things have gone back to normality for you after Christmas and the new year. I thought I would write something a little different today.

I was watching a film this morning and some thoughts came into my head,(it was a boring film).
How my life has changed in a year.

Last year this time we still lived in the country in a cold and damp cottage and were panicking because it was going to snow. Snow was a major issue where we used to live, we had to stock up on food, Lucy had to carry all the shopping down from where we had to leave the car at the top farm in a rucksack, three or four times she had to do this. We sometimes used to be snowed in and the house was cold and we sometimes dreaded that the electricity went off and being a electric only cottage (no gas) it was a hard life and how we stuck for 10 years I never know.
Lucy used to walk to work but I had to take some time off until the manager of my residential home got her four by four out and picked everyone who was due on shift  that day up and dropped them back home after.

I am now warm and cosy in our gas central heated house with hot water when we need it,  our water supply is clean and drinkable, (we had to get bottled water for me ) being diabetic I was not able to drink the water as it was from a private supply from an underground well  and when it rains the water doesn't turn brown like it used to in the cottage.
When Lucy and I go out we just go through the front door and down a short path and we are in the street, not go for a mile up a very rough track and then 5 miles (approx) to get to a shop.

So even though I have no job and I am disabled I feel that I am a lot better off than I was last year and we are not even panicking about snow if it happens to fall, hows that for progress.

Keep safe and thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Belated Happy New Year !!!

Hello All,

Things have settled down to normality after Christmas and the New year celebrations. You can catch it all on Lucy's website www.prettylucy.co.uk

 Lucy has heard from the Gender Clinic and  has an appointment in February so hopefully she will get what she desires after some visits.

I have a visit to the orthopaedic clinic on the 24 January this month to see another orthopaedic consultant but Lucy and I are being a bit pessimistic of him being able to do something and just going to see what he says and take it from there.

Unfortunately I have had to give up my voluntary job, I loved doing it but because of my mobility getting worse and Lucy having to help me in and out of the house with the wheelchair and the late hour I was getting home, we both decided that I had to give it up. I have had a look for another but at this present time due to my mobility I can't find one so have given up looking for now.

That's all my news for now, I'll write and let you know what happens when I see the consultant.

Take care.




Saturday, 22 December 2012

Merry Christmas.

Hi All,
I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a while (Iv'e had some emails asking if i'm ok). The truth is that the tablets I take now for pain have made me very sleepy , laid back and also forgetful of things so some days I say "oh I must write that in my blog" then I forget to do it! lol. I even forgot the password to get into blogger.

Lucy and I have been to two totally different Xmas parties one was a skittles evening with my voluntary job, the other was a Xmas quiz night with Lucy's voluntary job. Both were very enjoyable and the food was great on both.
 Lucy and I are going to have our haircut this afternoon and as it is lucy's first hair cut as a lady it will be in her blog. So lets hope that goes ok.

As for my knee that is in hand and hopefully I will see what happens in the new year.


Love from Amanda xxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

WOW !!!!!

Hi All,
I know its been a week without writing anything But there hasn't really been anything going on or interesting to say about until now........

Lucy and I went into town on Sunday to have a look at Taunton Christmas Festival, and while we were looking round the festival, I was given a free shopping bag with lots of magazines and flyers in it. I didn't take much notice about them, I was more interested in the bag. So when I got home I took the stuff out and put it on the side to read at my leisure some other time.

Yesterday I had a good look at the magazines, and they were for a disability charity called compass, they are a local charity who just cover the Somerset area. It is widely given out to doctors surgery's, care homes, anywhere where care is given. While I was reading some fantastic articles I noticed that they were looking for male and female models to show that you can be "disabled but sexy", I thought I might apply, just to see if I would be accepted.

I got an email today saying that they wanted to put me in the magazine for December and that they would like  200 words on my life.
This is the photo I sent.

So thats my news so far will let you know, how things go.

Love Amanda. xxx